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Tired of shaving and waxing? DIPL is an effective way to achieve permanent hair removal. Don't bother signing up for a too-good-to-be-true or unlimited package because it only proves to be a waste of time and effort! Opt for a trustworthy center with good reviews!

Due to collateral damage to the sebaceous glands attached the hair follicle, there is temporary regression of the oil glands, which is particularly helpful in treating hydradenitis suppurativa, affecting the groin, buttocks, breasts and armpits. This condition is under diagnosed as people are too embarrassed to seek and receive treatment. 


Upper Lip



$180 - $300

Hands / Legs

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$100 - $300

We use Electrocautery machine to remove Milia. This is a fast, safe and painless procedure in which a direct current is passed through a resistant metal wire electrode that generates heat. The heated electrode is applied to the skin tissue achieve varying degrees of skin tissue ablation, thereby removing milia on the skin. Merely a week’s downtime.

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