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A simple 45 mins cleansing facial using our special formulated solution to soften the debris and dead skin cells. Scrub machine is used to gently exfoliate and remove them. The treatment is then finished off with a mask and nourishing skincare products based on your needs. This will definitely freshen you up.

We take special care of your skin and we use parabens free products! 

Signature serums (optional top up) - $50

This is a range of serums that we have sourced from Japan, Germany and Spain available as a top up for any facials. 

AHAs         -   Oily and acne prone skin 

Peptides    -   Anti-aging

Vitamin C   -   Whitening

Ceramides -   Calming sensitive skin 

Stem cell    -   Repairing

Tell us your concern and trust us to pick the right one for you!

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