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Don't think that DIPL is only for hair removal. 
Dynamic Intense pulsed light (DIPL) causes thermal damage targeted at a certain wavelength to produce a specific effect. 

DIPL facials are very well liked as a rejuvenating facial, not only does it stimulate collagen, it leaves the skin with an instant youthful glow! 

It is also clinically proven that DIPL can produce better results than nd:yag q-switch lasers in treating freckles, age spots, sun spot. For an effective treatment, do expect a little downtime, usually crusted skin or broken blood vessels, which should recover in 1-2 weeks. 

At a different wavelength, DIPL can target active acne and treat acne marks. The anti-redness, anti-inflammatory effects can treat the trickiest breakouts, minimizing any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

DIPL Rejuvenating Facial: Service
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